Parallel test suite - Sometimes runs test case twice

What am i missing?

Using TestNG 6.8.8
Using Gradle Task 'Build'

Runs fine without Parallel on TestNG xml (parallel="methods" thread-count="

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Hi Mark,

What TeamCity version do you use?
Could you pease attach build logs and the list of reported tests in CSV for the build with parallel and without parallel option?

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Faced the similar problem
TeamCity Professional 10.0.4 (build 42538)
Gradle version: 4.10.2
Testng version: 6.13.1


useTestNG() {
suiteName = 'qwe'
testName = 'rty'
includeGroups 'gr'

parallel "methods"
threadCount 2

Allure report is ok, nothing skipped, but teamcity mismatch




//Can't attach csv

You can only upload images (jpeg, gif or png). Image uploads are limited to 2 MB.

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so first things first, please consider upgrading to a recent release. TeamCity 10 has been out of support for some time and we'll not be addressing issues found in such old versions. Several changes have been added in more recent versions to this specific situation, so the issue might have been already resolved.


With this in mind, please remove grouping from the view to see the whole picture. It might be an issue with grouping rather than an issue with tests being duplicated.


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