Feature idea: Service messages to manipulate report tabs

It would be cool if TeamCity had service messages that my script could call to create report tabs and set their titles

For example, when collecting warnings, my script could emit:

    ##teamcity[createTab name='warnings' title='Warnings' path='/path/to/file.html']

    ##teamcity[message text='This is a warning' status='WARNING' tab='warnings']

    ##teamcity[message text='This is another warning' status='WARNING' tab='warnings']

    ##teamcity[setTabTitle name='warnings' title='Warnings (2)']


DevOps at SurveyMonkey, a TeamCity customer

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Hi Marc,

We have the related request in our tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-36317. Please watch and vote for it.


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