TeamCity 7.1.4 HSQL Backup

I've kicked off a maintainDB backup on a 5.5gb hsql db (well that's the size of

Is there any rule of thumb on how long an archive will take?

The plan is to migrate to a new app server, add an external db & then update to 9.1, but I'd like to try & backup/restore before I go on the fresh build route.

Thanks in advance

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Just as an update the backup has been at the Listing tables stage for around 60 hours, is there anyway to find out if this is actually running as should be? It's on a Win2k3 box.

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5.5GB is a lot for internal database! Migration may take multiple hours if data set is huge, but in that case the tool does cause memory, CPU and network workload.
Seems you will need to dedicate more memory to the tool. For this I would recommend to do it on machine with more then 4 Gb of memory, make sure to use x64 JDK (by setting path to JRE installation home to TEAMCITY_JRE environment variable) and change "-Xmx512m" in maintainDB.cmd script to something like -Xmx3Gb.

Also I would recommend you to upgrade to the latest TeamCity version (9.1.3 as of now) firstly. If you face any issue while migration on the latest version we will be interested in investigating the case in more detail. I do not think an investigation makes sense in earlier TeamCity versions as the issue might not be actual already and even if not, we will not be able to provide any patches/fixes to an obsolete version.


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