Publish to IIS using FileSystem instead of webdeploy

New to TeamCity and Im going over this example in the docs

My situation is very similar.  I have a web application in a solution that includes a number of associated class library projects.
To-date, Ive been using a publish profile which works fine, but I need to setup a CI environment to automate the tasks of
Check in > build > deploy, at least for my development server.  Other environments I want to manually trigger the build/deploy.

So my question is regarding the publish type.  In my case I need to use File copy instead of web deploy.
Does that really matter regarding the TC build configuration?
As long as my publish profile is correct and works, then I should be ok, right?

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I dont seem to understand the need for Step 3 in the referenced link (Step 3: Setting up the deployment on TeamCity)
Seems to me that if a publish action is invoked, that should be all thats needed?

My impression is that I need a seperate build project for each environment, is that right??


Apparently, I was right.  After following the steps up to step 3, using my publish profile that usesfile copy worked and the app got built/deployed to the correct spot.

Im still playing around with this, but its encouraging that im getting this far


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