Default email notifications don't work


We are evaluating TeamCity to become our primary build server, trying to launch CI for feature-brancingh dev approach. So far so good... Beside the email notifications :( TeamCity doesn't send emails about build failures!
Environment description:

  • Ubuntu server 14
  • TeamCity 9.1.3 (build 37176)
  • Email Notifier is configured (test emails work like a charm)
  • 3 projects/build configurations set up for feature-branching
  • git (GitLab) over ssh
  • No custom notification rules
  • TeamCity detects users (I've got correct staff in Changes menu)

Here is the scenario:

  1. Just to be sure I open My Settings & Tools -> Notification Rules -> Email Notifier (0/2) . There are "Rules inherited from the group All Users (Contains all TeamCity users):", watching
    1. Builds with my changes
    2. System wide events
  2. I commit non-compilable code into a feature-branch
  3. TeamCity detects changes and lauches a build
  4. The build fails
  5. I get no email from TeamCity
  6. In teamcity-notifications.log it's clear that notification is triggered but no suitable users was found ("Selected 0 users with matching notification rules")

So, two questions :)

  1. What does "(0/2)" means in My Settings & Tools -> Notification Rules -> Email Notifier caption?
  2. How can I tune email notifications to make them work?
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Hi Petr,

1. "(0/2)" just means that you have two notification rules inherited from groups and zero your own rules
2. Do you have email address specified for your user in TeamCity? Could you please check that you have configured correctly your VCS username, so TeamCity can understand by whom changes were made: Open Changes > hovering the mouse cursor over the user name in the table > are the VCS username and TeamCity user name correct?

If everything is configured correctly, then please attach screenshot of configured notification rules. Also please enable debug-notifications logging preset on Administration>Diagnostics page, reproduce the issue and attach teamcity-notification.log.

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Hi Alina!

I checked mentioned settings and it looks like everything is correct.
Here is "Notification rules" screenshot  -
Failed build overview:
Notification log is attached.

Thank you so much!!

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What even strange, I just received email notification for fuild failure on another branch:
And now I can't reproduce the success....

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The reason is that you have option "ignore failures not caused by my changes" in notification rules enabled. In this case you are not notified when a build fails without any new problems after a build with your changes (there is no "(new)" in build result).
Please see the example that explains "Ignore failures not caused by my changes" option functioning.

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We almost got it! Really, it appears that I can get the first failure notification. The rest ones within the same branch don't trigger. What's worse is your sollution didn't worked out, I still don't get "second" failure notification. My notification rules are

By the way, I can't catch how the setting named "Ignore failures not caused by my changes" is related to ignoring builds with MY (continuously bad commits) failures :( 100% unclear!

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You are right, if there is change committed by you notification should be sent in any case.
I was able to reproduce the issue and created a bug report: Please vote for it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I'm 110% satisfied with the customer service quality in general and 200% in particular your help!!! Voted for the bug, now wait for a fix :)


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