Teamcity integration with AWS Developer tools

In the past 12 months AWS has release AWS CodeCommit ( git ), AWS Code Pipeline and AWS CodeDeploy

I was wondering if there is any integration betwee TeamCity and these tools.
I haven't tried this but it seems to me that TeamCity should be able to fetch code from AWS git repo.

AWS Code Pipeline currently has a few integrations. It relies on Jenkins to do many of the tasks.
Is there any planned or open source integration between TeamCity and Code Pipeline

CodeDeploy is the one integration I am most interested in at this time. It is somewhat similar to Octopus deploy.
It installs agents on windows and linux virtual machines.
Is anybody aware of a plugin or planned integration with AWS CodeDeploy?



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Hi Raj,

Integration with AWS CodeCommit should work since TeamCity 9.1.2.
TeamCity does not support AWS CodePipeline and CodeDeploy at the moment. I've created a feature request: Please vote for it and comment how do you see this integration and what do you expect from it.


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