Allow to choose the used JDK in a Build template


Is there a smart way to let a build configure the used jdk?

we have a build template that contains a few build steps (mostly shell scripts and maven / java).
the java steps all have configured the used jdk (1.7 at the moment).

we want to re-use that build configuration to let a build that uses this build template to configure the used jdk (for the whole build, meaning all the java/maven build steps)

Is the only way to achieve this through setting environment variables?

Currently I added a variable into the build step ("java.home.path", choosing custom jdk), and then setting the variable (build parameter) to "%env.JDK_18_x64%".

Is there a solution with a bit more sex-appeal?

thanks a lot!

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Hi Werner,

Currently I do not see better solution than using environmental variables.
Please feel free to create a feature request in our tracker.

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I've added a feature reuquest for this:

Thanks :)


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