Retry Build depending on specific error

I have a bunch of build configurations that end with an OctopusDeploy step. Oftentimes the deployment will get stuck on a locked file or something and cause TeamCity to timeout and fail. Sometimes the deployment actually failed and sometimes it eventually finished, but TC only thinks it failed due to timeout, still resulting in red on my Overview screen. In either case, simply re-running the build will often work fine.  What I'd like to do is use a Retry Build Trigger that looks at the Results error message to determine if it's something that a retry might resolve ("Unable to create or deploy release.") versus something that no amount of retries will change ("Compilation error").

Is there an in-the-box way to do this or will I need to create a custom trigger to make this happen? Anybody already have one that they'd like to share? :)

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Unfortunately, currently this option is not supported. Please vote for the feature request in our tracker:


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