Is there a way to configure Overview page?

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I couldn't see anything.
I have a small run configuration which checks backward compatibility,
and I find it convenient that all found problems are printed in project Overview page through TC Service Messages (

##teamcity[buildProblem = ...]).

And now I'd like to add grouping of errors with the same type.
There is an option in TC Build Log (##teamcity[blockOpened name=...) which does exactly what I want, but it's on the other page (Build Log).

Is there a standart way or a plugin to do this?
And if there is no simple method, is it possible workaround to group errors by their indents ("\t", "\t\t" ans so on)
or TC can propably reorder set of reported buildProblems?

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Hi Sergey,

No, currently it's not possible to group reported build problems on build Overview page. However build problems are grouped by categories, for example compilation errors, problems reported from script. Please feel free to create feature request in our tracker.


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