Teamcity builds generate graphs from csv

Hi Everyone,

I have a teamcity build configuration using maven build runner, which run the Apache JMeter test plans(.jmx files) through jmeter maven plugin.  

This build generates a csv after succesful builds. I want to generate a graphs/bar charts in teamcity using the csv results.

Could you please help how this can be done in teamcity build?

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Upadhyay

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Generating graphs from CSV files is not supported by TeamCity.
You can try a third-party plugin with support for visualizing JMeter reports. It's sources are available at Please try it.

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Hi Alina Mishina,

This is the answer from 2015,

is this issue resolved in 2019 by any chance?


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Hi Keerthan,


The solution is the same Alina reported: Use a specific plugin for it. TeamCity does not provide a bundled way to display graphs based on arbitrary csv files yet. If you would like to see it as an embedded feature, please open a request in our tracker for it:


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