Customising the Action > Stop command for test runner

Hey guys,

We have a bunch of test runners linked to TeamCity 8.1.2 (build 29993).  We are using the robot framework to execute functional tests against our applications.  Everything works really nicely together except for one thing:

When a user click's the stop button during execution of tests, the teardown's aren't executed because the teamcity agent issues equivalent of ALT+F4 to the test runner and kills the process.

I would like to instead issue a CTRL+C to the window.  Is this kind of customisation possible for this version of TeamCity?

Many thanks,

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If it can't be done, I'd be happy to hear that so I can stop worrying about it :)

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Hi Michael,

Currently it's not possible to customize stop command. Please vote for and
As current workaround you can create additional last build step that performs needed actions. You can set this step execution policy to "Always, even if build stop command was issued". If you cannot split a different step, then I don't see other workaround for the moment.


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