Performance questions

We have several performance problems with TeamCity 9.1.3 running on Amazon EC2 Linux computer (m4-large) with a MySQL database.

The number of build configurations is nearly 10'000 with artifact dependencies, VCS change and finish build triggers, normal build agents and EC2 cloud agents.

Even when no builds are running the performance is slow. Lots of disk operations, and also CPU intensive.

Now we try to turn of journaling on ext4 file system since that seemed to have caused lots of delay.

Do you have any tips for such configurations with lots of build plans? How to set up the infrastructure so that performance is optimal (or at least good)?

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Turning off the ext4 journaling helped a lot (but long term observation not yet done with this).

That is something JetBrains can suggest to its TeamCity customers in the installation manual.

Are there any other such tips for high-performance infrastructure with thousands of build configurations?


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