TC9 - Build Log Flat View - gone?

Hi there,
Since our last upgrade (currently on 9.0.2 (build 32195)) it seems the flat view for build logs is no longer there.
After the upgrade users still had the flat view, until selecting a different view from the two available options of Tree View / Tail. After selecting Tree/Tail there is no discernable way to revert back to flat view.
Is there a way (doesn't matter if it's ugly) to switch back to flat view (either for individual users or for all)?

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Hi Joshua,

You can add "&logTab=all" to the end of the url to switch back to the old log view. After that the log mode will be preserved for this build configurations.
Why do you want to switch back to flat view? Expanded Tree view is the same, isn't it?

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Cheers that has worked.

For me it's that when running a build that fails, if you're watching the build log and using tree view, when it finishes all the are collapsed - so you can't instantly see the error message but have to expand the relevant tree first. A minor annoyance.

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If you click on "Expand All" icon, the expanded view should be preserved for this build configuration. Does it work like this for you?


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