Setting a TeamCity Configuration or System parameter from a PowerShell Build Step

I am using PowerShell to generate several values which requires some sophisticated processing logic.

However, I have several steps in my build configuration and I want to avoid having to re-generate this value in each of my PowerShell scripts each time.

Therefore, is it possible to return a value from my PowerShell script and store it in a TeamCity Configuration or System parameter?

For example, if I generate a value from my PowerShell script in Build Step 1, can I return it and store it in TeamCity so that it can be used by any subsequent TeamCity Build Steps (Steps 2, 3, 4 etc.)?

If so, how do I accomplish this?

Please advise.



Hi Samir,

Yes, you can use service messages to dynamically update build parameters of the build from a build step.
Please note that the changed build parameters will be available in the build steps following the modifying one.


So how exactly would I update that from a PowerShell script?  Could you provide me with an example?

Would I basically be doing the following:


"##teamcity[system.myparameter name='ddd' value='fff']"

Please clarify.


For example to make parameter "var" equals "10" use the following script:

write-host "##teamcity[setParameter name='var'

I have problems using this functionality.

I want a environment-Variable set to the Value of "$newVersion" to use it in subsequent build steps and the "buildNumber" set to it, to have a consistent build-Identifier.

My powershell code:

$newVersion = (get-item "%env.ExternalTrunkLatestBuildPath%").VersionInfo.ProductVersion;
Write-Host "##teamcity[setParameter name='env.NewExternalTrunkProductVersion' value='$newVersion-%build.counter%']";
Write-Host "##teamcity[buildNumber '%env.NewExternalTrunkProductVersion%']";
echo %env.NewExternalTrunkProductVersion%;


"$newVersion" has a valid value, but I'm not able to pipe it "into" TeamCity.


Got it:

$newExternalVersion = (get-item "%env.ExternalTrunkLatestBuildVersionPath%").VersionInfo.ProductVersion;
Write-Output "##teamcity[buildNumber '$newExternalVersion-%build.counter%']";

I've been trying to use this same technique to set the Build number format.   My first build step is:

$formatNow = [DateTime]::Now.ToString("MMdd")
Write-Output "##teamcity[setParameter name='' value='$formatNow']"

The build number format is set to:

After the build when I look at the Parameters, under "User Defined Parameters" it shows my with a value of <empty>, but later under "Actual Parameters on Agent" a correct value is set.  But the build number is not updated to include this new value.   

Any ideas?



You have to set the buildnumber, after you altered your "", but you don't even need this Variable, if you use it only in this build.

The format, that is set within the build configuration, will be processed, before your script has been executed.

This should work:

The build number format in the build configuration set to: %build.counter% (this is a temporary value, that will be overwritten by your script!)

$formatNow = [DateTime]::Now.ToString("MMdd")

Write-Output "##teamcity[buildNumber '17.11.%build.counter%.$formatNow']";

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