MSBuild Versions not showing .net 4.6


I have in my test envoirment upgraded to 9.1.4, but I do not see .net 4.6 in the MSBuild Version under buildsteps.

Is .net 4.6 placed under Microsoft build Tools 2015?

I have installed the .net 4.6 full package on the server along with Microsoft Build Tools 2015.

What is missing to get .net 4.6 under the MSBuild versions?

On the buildclients, do I need to install the .net 4.6 and Microsoft Build Tools 2015 packages ?

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Hello Bjarne,

There is no need to install .Net Framework/Microsoft Build Tools on server machine. You should install it on build agents on which you want to build your project.
Starting with Visual Studio 2013 (and since .NET 4.5.1), the 2013 version of MSBuild will ship as a part of Visual Studio instead of the .NET Framework. So since insted of .NET 4.6 you should select Microsoft Build Tools 2015. See the related blog post:


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