REST API: can I query for last build with a particular artifact?

i would like to find the latest build on a particular branch that has an artifact called

Is this possible?

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Hi Marc,

No, it's not possible. You can create a build script, that:

  1. requests the list of builds on particular branch
  2. iterates over the list of returned builds and requests the list of artifacts for each one:

          GET http://teamcity:8111/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/


        Stops and returns the build locator if coverage.xml is found.

Why do you need to find such builds using REST API?
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Hi again,

The second approch is available. Since TeamCity 9.1.x you can use the following request:


This request returns the list of all builds, but builds that contain requested artifact have the following pattern:

     <file name="<build_artifact>"/>

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