TeamCity fails to check subversion changes with error "PROPFIND 413 Request Entity Too Large"

Hi Everyone,

Anyone knows how to resolve the error "413 Request Entity Too Large"?

Unable to collect changes: Failed to collect changes,
error: svn: E175002: PROPFIND of '/SVNG/repos/MYREPO/!svn/vcc/default': 413 Request Entity Too Large (

I'm running TeamCity Enterprise 8.1 installed on Windows Server 2008 R2

The server is checking out sources from GIT correctly, but now I need to fetch sources from Subversion.

I tried "VCS Checkout mode" of both "Automatically on server" and "automatically on agent"
I tried SVN working copy format of both version 1.7 and 1.8

I found this post on Stackoverflow:

The answer in the above post directs to add directives to the apache configuration file:
LimitXMLRequestBody 0
LimitRequestBody 0

Does anyone know which configuration is that on the TeamCity server?

I'd appreciate any help


Hi Eyal,

These properties should be configured on proxy server (e.g. httpd.conf file in Apache), not on TeamCity server.


Hi Alina,

Thank you for your reply!

When you say "proxy server", do you mean the Subversion server?



Proxy server can be installed either on TeamCity machine or Subversion or on third one. Please contact your network administrator who can provide you details of the network configuration.


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