Running IntelliJ Inspections via Gradle/TeamCity

I've been unable to run TeamCity Inspections for a Gradle project, unless I also check in the .idea directory and *.iml files.  Is it possible to do so?  The documentation is a bit unclear (to me, at least) as to what is supported.  I've also asked the question here:  Any help is much appreciated; I'll be happy to provide more details and/or a sample project if that would be helpful.


Hello Chad,

Basically, you should not need the project files for Idea to run inspections on Gradle-based project.

Please give us more details about the issue:
* What version of TeamCity do you use?
* What version of Gradle is used?
* Do you have Gradle wrapper set up?


TeamCity 9.1.4 and Gradle 2.8.  I am using  the Gradle wrapper.


It should definetly work with this combination.

Would you mind attaching a zipped build log with a _failure_ sample?

Here is a zip of a test project I created (, and a build log from an attempt to run inspections on this project (


Hello Chald,

You are facing a known issue
we plan to deliver the fix in next bugfix release 9.1.5 along with

Unfortunately there is no simple workaround at the moment.


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