Publish artifacts to a VCS

I have seen lots of similar questions like mine but I have yet to found an answer. Is there a way to do this either on the server or an agent?

1) Checkout from a VCS
2) Copy files from an artifact dependency
3) Commit and push changes to VCS

It feels like it should be a very short step from the auto merge build feature to this. I want to do all of this on the server to avoid having to manage SSH keys when adding new build agents. I know I can transfer the server's SSH key to the agent but it is erased before I can push.

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Hello Marco,

There is no special feature in TeamCity that allows pushing artifacts from server to repository.
Why do you publish artifacts to repository? Why don't you use package management tools for this, for example NuGet, Maven, Artifactory and so on?

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I want to automate the build process. Right now I have a developer who defines a couple of CAN messages and pushes them to his project's repository. I want to be able to also apply those files to other projects which share the same communication messages and to have them rebuilt for him automatically. I haven't figured out a good way of doing that. Even with a package manager (or submodules) the manager needs to be updated to point to the hash for the new commits.


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