MSTest issue with TeamCity 9.1.4

We are seeing the following problem with TeamCity 9.1.4 after the upgrade.  We did not see this issue with TeamCity 9.0.  

We are running msbuild on a solution file which is one level deeper that the checkout folder, however when we attempt to run a unit test with MSTEST as the test runner we get the following errors,

[13:27:54]Step 1/3: Build ProviderPortalApplication (Visual Studio (sln)) (19s)

[13:27:54][Step 1/3] Update assembly versions: Scanning checkout directory for assembly information related files to update version to

[13:27:55][Step 1/3] Starting: C:\tcBuildAgent\plugins\dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.MsBuildBootstrap.exe /workdir:D:\Build\Application\build\ProviderPortal\ProviderPortalApp "/msbuildPath:C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\12.0\bin\MSBuild.exe"

[13:27:55][Step 1/3] in directory: D:\Build\Application\build\ProviderPortal\ProviderPortalApp

[13:27:57][Step 1/3] ProviderPortalApp\ProviderPortalApp.sln: Build target: Rebuild (16s)

[13:28:13][Step 1/3] Process exited with code 0

[13:28:14]Step 2/3: Unittest (Visual Studio Tests) (1s)

[13:28:14][Step 2/3] MSTest executable: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\MSTest.exe

[13:28:14][Step 2/3] Command line params: [[/resultsfile:C:\tcBuildAgent\temp\buildTmp\mstest_results_1448918894771.teamcity.trx]]

[13:28:14][Step 2/3] Starting: C:\tcBuildAgent\plugins\dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.NUnitLauncher.exe #TeamCityImplicit

[13:28:14][Step 2/3] in directory: D:\Build\Application\build\ProviderPortal

[13:28:15][Step 2/3] Microsoft (R) Test Execution Command Line Tool Version 12.0.21005.1

[13:28:15][Step 2/3] Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

[13:28:15][Step 2/3]

[13:28:15][Step 2/3] Please specify tests to run, or specify the /publish switch to publish results.

[13:28:15][Step 2/3] For switch syntax, type "MSTest /help"

[13:28:15][Step 2/3] Process exited with code 1

[13:28:15][Step 2/3] ##teamcity[importData type='mstest' path='C:\tcBuildAgent\temp\buildTmp\mstest_results_1448918894771.teamcity.trx']

[13:28:15][Step 2/3] Importing data from 'C:\tcBuildAgent\temp\buildTmp\mstest_results_1448918894771.teamcity.trx' (not existing file) with 'mstest' processor

[13:28:15][Step 2/3] MSTest report watcher

[13:28:15][MSTest report watcher] Watching paths:

[13:28:15][MSTest report watcher] C:\tcBuildAgent\temp\buildTmp\mstest_results_1448918894771.teamcity.trx

[13:28:15][Step 2/3] Waiting for 1 service processes to complete

[13:28:16][Step 2/3] MSTest report watcher

[13:28:16][MSTest report watcher] No reports found for paths:

[13:28:16][MSTest report watcher] C:\tcBuildAgent\temp\buildTmp\mstest_results_1448918894771.teamcity.trx

[13:28:16][Step 2/3] Step Unittest (Visual Studio Tests) failed

Please note, in this case the solution file is on D:\Build\Application\build\ProviderPortal\ProviderPortalApp folder, whereas the checkout folder is D:\Build\Application\build\ProviderPortal.  Also note that on projects where the solution file is in the same folder as the checkout folder this error does not happen.

Please let me know what I can do to correct this issue.



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Hello Hamid,

Could you please attach screenshot of the build step settings?

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Hi Alina,

a zip file is attached.



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Any progress with this issue?  This is a blocking issue for us at the moment.


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Can you please let me know if you have made any progress on this issue.   This is a blocking issue for our unittests.


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