Project Dashboard - Is there a way to customize this view, in therms of information displayed there?

Hi there,

I'd like to know if there is a way to customize the Project Dashboard (overview.html) or rather the information displayed there about recent configuration runs?
I would like:
i) To see the last 3 finished runs for each configuration, instead of only the very last one (and currently running one's).
ii) To see for every configuration run, which Agent it was running on/is running on as an additional column.

Is the a build-in feature or configuration file to customize the Project Dashboard? Or, if not build-in, mayby a plugin that may help me?

Thanks, for any advice!

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Hello Steve,

Currently it's not possible to configure project overview page in TeamCity, you can only set up visibility and projects' order.
We have the request to show agent names on overview page: Please vote for it. And feel free to create new feature requests.
I'm not aware of plugins that provide such ability. However you can try to create your own plugin:


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