Ouput folder is deleted after a build is complete

Since we updated to TeamCity 9.1.4, we notice that the output folder where we lunch our deploys from is deleted after TeamCity build and deploy is complete, where as the location for builds stay intact.  Here the process we have to do build and deploy

  1. Checkout sources from TFS to D:\build\<branch>\build\<module name>
  2. copy the build output to from D:\build\<branch>\build\<module name> to D:\build\<branch>\deploy\<module name>
  3. deploy from D:\build\<branch>\deploy\<module name> (This is the staging folder for uploading files to uDeploy).

After step 3, the folder D:\build\<branch>\deploy\<module name> is deleted from the build agent machine.  Why does this happen?  is there anything that can be done to prevent TeamCity from deleting this folder?  I have looked at every step we have and cannot figure this out.

This is a blocking issue for our work.



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Hello Hamid,

How do you specify checkout directory in TeamCity? What path is used?
TeamCity can automatically delete build checkout directory when it expires or to meet free disk space requirements. It's not recommended to use Custom checkout directory, please find more details in the section: https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD9/Build+Checkout+Directory#BuildCheckoutDirectory-Customcheckoutdirectory.


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