svn: E175002: connection refused by the server

We're looking into moving our source control from SourceSafe (yes, seriously) to TeamForge and I'm trying to connect TeamCity to TeamForge ( but Test Connection is failing with:

Error connecting the specified URL:
svn: E175002: connection refused by the server
svn: E175002: OPTIONS request failed on '/'

I've been googling on and off for the last few days and tried various things such as:


and today updated to 9.1.5 (Java version: 1.8.0_66) but still fall at the first hurdle.

For info, TeamCity is behind a corporate proxy server where both TeamCity services run as a domain user that can get through the proxy (got this working for NuGet restore).

Can anyone help me figure out what the problem may be?

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I have discovered that svnkit uses its own proxy settings: proxy settings for subversion

> By default SVNKit uses proxy settings from the servers configuration file that is located in the default SVN run-time configuration area.
> Default configuration area is located at ~/.subversion on Linux and OS X and at C:\Documents and Settings\userName\Application Data\Subversion on Windows.

When creating a VCS Root to Subversion, TeamCity offers a couple of settings under SVN Connection Settings, a checkbox Default config directory and a text box Configuration directory.

I unchecked default directory and pointed the Configuration Directory to the directory created as described below.

- Create a folder within TeamCity: C:\TeamCity\conf\Subversion
- Create a file in this folder named servers (no extension) with the following content:

    http-proxy-host =
    http-proxy-port = 80


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