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Hello Support,

Since we are using TC 8.1.4 and there is known issue with cleaning system messages, I've applied proposed workaround,
Total size, decrease from 130GB to 80GB, but I think still there are a plenty of files that could be deleted.

Do you have any suggestion, whether I should simply remove old files (let's say files from 2014), as well.
Is there any dependency or simple deletion will suffice.

Thank you in advance for help.

Milan Stakic

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Hello Milan,

<TeamCity data directory>/system/messages directory is a directory where build logs used to be stored before TeamCity 9.0.
Please configure clean-up policy to delete build logs. Use History clean-up level - all the build data is deleted except for builds statistics values that are visible in the statistics charts.
Also the files can be removed manually, if necessary, but corresponding builds will drop build log and failure details (as well as test failure details).
BTW, we would recommend to upgrade to the latest TeamCity version (9.1.5 as of now) to get access to all the recent bug fixes and lots of new features.


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