How can I get VCS changeslog in current building?!!!!

I have encounter a problem , is threre anyone can help me ?!

There is a build configuration in ceratin project,which is composed by 2 build steps.I write some code at the second setp by using .NET Process Runner to finish some custom work,
The work is to collect changelogs and upload it to my own server.But !!! The problem is,I can't get changeslog by RESTAPI before current building have finished.

/app/rest/changes?locator=buildType:(id:xx),sinceChange:(id:xx)   --   I get nothing.
/app/rest/changes?locator=buildType:(id:xx),sinceChange:(number:currentnumberxxx)   --   I get 404 error befroe current building have finished

So,is there other way to get changeslog (Why not in parameter??)

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