Setup a build machine

I am trying to setup a build server with a build agent.
The source control I use is Subversion (SVN). Code is .Net 4.0 and 4.5.2.
I installed Build agent on this server which connects to a teamcity server.

Question is: To build code on this build server what other softwares do I need?

I will install MSBuild Tools 2013 , install 4.0 and 4.5.2 .Net frameworks. to build the code.
For source control if I install Subversion Command-Line Client v1.6.12 will that be enough for the agent to checkout code and build? Are there any other settings related to MSBuild and SVN that I will need?

Thanks - Rohit

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Hello Rohit,

You do not need Subversion client to be installed on the TeamCity server or agents. TeamCity bundles the Java implementation of SVN client.
The MSBuild runner requires .Net Framework or Mono installed on the build agent. The Visual Studio (sln) build runner requires the proper version of Microsoft Visual Studio installed on the build agent. For more details see: and

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Hello Alina thanks for your reply,
So to sum up I only need to get .Net Framework installed. SVN and MS Build is part of the team city agent installation? OR do I still need to get the MS Build Tools instaled seperately?

Thx Rohit

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Sorry for delay.
SVN is bundled with TeamCity. To run MSBuild you'll need to install .NET framework or MS Build Tools on the agent machine, see the list of supported MSBuilds version:


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