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In our build chain, we have X number of parallell "performance tests". These use the same build steps, they only differs what configuration they use. These configurations are put as seperate folders on a central file share.

Thanks to build templates, it's an quite easy task for us to put up a new "performance task". We create a new folder on our share, put correct config there, and create a new build configuration based on the template and point this to the new folder.

What would be even nicer though, is if TC, automatically could create (and maybe remove) build configurations for us. If we put a new folder with config on this file share -> TC create a new build configuration using this folder. A bit simpler for us and also, this way "QA people with low TC knowledge" can handle this on their own.

I'm pretty sure this is not available out of the box. Any idea how to accomplish this in any simple way? Plugin? TC's API?


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Ho Roger,

There are basically two approaches to creating TeamCity build configurations automatically:
1. Use REST API to perform remote calls to TeamCity for retrieving current and modifying/creating/deleting build configurations
2. Write a TeamCity plugin in a JVM language and manage the build configurations with the help of TeamCity open API

In TeamCity 10 (planned for Q2 2016), the second approahc shoudld be more straightforward in terms of implementation efforts.


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