Dealing with deleted pull requests


Does anyone have a good solution for dealing with git pull requests getting deleted before the test runs?

We have seen a number of issues where a job is queued for a pull request, and between when it is created and when the job runs, the PR is merged and the branch is then deleted.  The end result is a moderately ugly "Failed to start build #XXXX in branch 7272/merge at 19 May"


Is there a good way around this?  Or a way to ensure it's cleaned up?


Hello Adam,

What kind of workaround do you expect in this case? If branch was deleted and server was not able to start the build on this branch, it seems correct to report the error like "Failed to start build".


Is there a way for it to not report the error "Failed to start build"?  it would even be OK if it were just on the actual build instance, but having it rolled up to the top level where it looks like an issue people need to investigate is the problem.


Hi Adam,

Currently it's not possible to disable error reporting at all on on build configuration level. Please feel free to create a feature request in our tracker.


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