TeamCity 3.1.2: Simplest Plugin does not starts

Hi Guys,

After some abortive attempts to run my plugin code on the TeamCity, I deside to make simplest plugin stub with hope to find the root of evil...


package com.db.dbrox.TeamCity.Plugins.MakeReleaseLabel;

import com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger;

public class MakeReleaseLabelTab {

private final static Logger LOG = Logger.getInstance(MakeReleaseLabelTab.class.getName());

public MakeReleaseLabelTab() {"Hello, World!!!");


You can look at my builded JAR file:

After putting this file into the c:\TeamCity\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lib folder and restarting TeamCity servise nothing happens :(

I'm not see anything in log files :(

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Since this bean is not referenced by any other beans Spring container did not created it that is why you do not see any messages in the log. Have you seen class from the file? It adds new tab to build configuration page. You can take it as the base for your plugin.

Pavel Sher


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