Not able to see the builds in the remote run


I am new to the Teamcity and to Intellj plugin for the teamcity. I have created a project in the teamcity using subversion and ant script configurations. I have also configured the team city project for the "IDE Notification". The project seems to be working fine on the build server when run from the teamcity application.

I can see the project in the "Projects" window of the Intellj teamcity plugin and can call the remote build from there. But when I want to do the remote build for the files I have changed in my sandbox then it does not show the build to run.

In the Intellj I have followed these steps:
Teamcity menu ->Remote build ->Select the changed files->Remote build  ==> No builds to select over there.

Can you please give me some hint/pointers so that I can do the remote build for the changes I made to the files in the sandbox.


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Do your Subversion settings in the IDE differ from those in the TeamCity server?


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