How to enable more logging for git plugin

How do I configure the git plugin to log, and where would it log to?  I need to see what commands you are running against the server to understand some performance issues we're having when TC checks out from git (the checkout process is consuming lots of memory, and taking hours, but when we clone manually, it works fine).  Thanks.


Git plugin does not use git command line, it uses JGit java library. What is the size of your repository?


It's large, about 3-4 gig.  I know we're having some memory issues in our git server: when TeamCity tries to clone the repo, we see a process on the git server running git-pack-objects which consume all the available real and virtual memory on the server (1gig and 3 gig respectively), and runs for hours.  We end up killing it, so I don't know if it would ever finish.  That doesn't happen when one of us clones the repository, so we're trying to figure out what TC might be doing differently.


Could you please do the following steps and tell if the problem is reproduced with command line git?

1. Create new empty directory and change to it in console
2. Intialize empty bare repository with "git init --bare"
3. Fetch the specific branch using "git fetch --no-tags <url> <branchname>:<branchname>"

This should be more or less the same as what we do with JGit. Please write whether it causes the same problems on the server-side.


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