Clearcase plugin : difference between descriptions and comments


The class jetbrains.buildServer.buildTriggers.vcs.clearcase.CommentHolder has 3 fields : myActivities, myDescriptions, myComments

I understand myActivities and myComments, but i fail to understand what myDescriptions is for ?
Can anyone from Jetbrains enlighten me ?


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"myComments" holds your own check in comments.
"myDescriptions" holds check in comments too, but these comments were automatically generated by ClearCase.

E.g. if you add the file "123.txt" to directory "abc" then ClearCase will automatically generate the following comment for this change: "Added file element "123.txt".".

You can see this comment by executing the following command in the parent directory of "abc":

cleartool describe -fmt %c -pname abc


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