Getting last test names + duration on the agent

I would like to write my agent to access the tests of the last build.
The thing I would like to do is proving the agent a list with test names and duration. Can I use this:

I thought about using a ParametersPreprocessor and do it that way:

public void fixRunBuildParameters(@NotNull SRunningBuild runningBuild, @NotNull Map<String, String> runParameters, @NotNull Map<String, String> buildParameters) {
          SBuildType buildType = runningBuild.getBuildType();
          List<SFinishedBuild> lastBuilds = buildType.getHistory(null, true, false);


          buildParameters.put(TEST_LIST_FILE, filePath);

Where will this extension be execeted, on the server or agent side?

Could I do the same in the agent plugin itself? Can the agent access the Build- Server that way?

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Oliver Klemencic



Sorry for the delay in replying.

Could you please detail what is your final intent? Do you need to pass a string to the agent as a build property to later process it in your build script?
How do you plan to get the text to pass?

As to ParametersPreprocessor - it is executed on the server before the build is sent to the agent.

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Yegor Yarko
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You can pass file path via the build properties but this will only work if agent and server are working on the same PC.


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