Access to API

How do we gain access to the API. Do we have to download it via subversion? If so what is the url? Also if there is an easier way I would love to hear it. I mainly develop in eclipse so if there is a guide or something, that would be great. I had trouble finding this info, I search the forums already and also the documentation for team city, so sorry if it is just staring me in the face and I am missing it.


Ok I have half way figured my problem out. In amongst the countless google searches I have came accross the IntelliJ IDEA IDE. Now do I need that to develop TeamCity plugins? Does it make it easier to develop the teamcity plugins? I really want to use eclipse since I am so familiar with it. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some guideance on how to get set up on either eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA. Thanks



Sorry for the delay in replying.

For the general informaiton see:

The openAPI sources are available under devPackage/src directory of .tar.gz and .exe distributions.

You do not need IntelliJ IDEA to develop the plugins. However, you will need to create Eclipse project for the plugin yourself.

The sample plugin and open-sourced plugins have IDEA project and Ant script to build the plugin.

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Thanks Yegor. Yes your right the sample plugin was great in helping me get things set up. I feel like I am a pro now at getting these plugins going in eclipse. Still curious about IntelliJ IDEA, it seems like a great IDE and I might have to give it a good look through when I am not so busy. Thanks for writing me back.


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