Trying to get the XML Test Reporting plugin to work

Has anyone gotten the new XML test reporting plugin to work?

The only documentation I've found is on this page:

This page says: "XML Test Reporting Plugin was bundled with TeamCity 4.5". I've updated to TeamCity version 4.5.4 but I see no evidence of the plugin being available. The page implies that I should see this on the runner settings page, but there's nothing new there.

I also tried downloading and installing the nightly build, but when I visit the runner settings page is see an error message and stacktrace at the bottom. Looking back at the plugins directory in my TeamCity data directory, I see the file I placed there before a restart and an invisible .unpacked directory. It seems like TC tried to unpack the zip file, but failed at some point.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks much.


Plugin is indeed bundled with TeamCity 4.5. Try to remove xml plugin installed manually and restart server. Then please attach screenshot of the runner settings page.


Thanks for the quick response.

I have removed the plugin I downloaded and have restarted the server.

Attached is a screen shot of the bottom of the runner page (as much as I could fit).

Looking at my tomcat/webapps/teamcity/plugins folder (for TC 4.5.4 build 9071) I don't see a plugin for the XML Test Reporting. Should one be there? Or is it now somehow baked into the release?


XML test report plugin should be mentioned in the logs. Can you attach logs from the server?


Ah. Thanks for pointing me to the logs. I should have looked there first...

The logs revealed that this was a permission problem that was preventing the plugin files from being unzipped. When I fixed this, I got the "XML Report Processing" panel on the runner page.

Thanks for the help.

TeamCity is the best.


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