Clearcase pending changes / Server time

Hi All,
I had been having a problem whereby a teamcity build was not seeing (and displaying) changes checked into clearcase.

Checked in a file at 13:17
In teamcity site, requested a check for changes at 13:19:59
     cleartool lshistory -all -since 31-August-2009.13:19:59 -fmt blah blah..
No changes found!...

I had a look through the logs and noticed that when teamcity ran the following command that it did not see my version.
[2009-08-31 13:20:29,062]   INFO [oader 4 {id=27}] - .clearcase.ClearCaseConnection - interactive execute: cleartool lsvtree -obs -all blah blah...

Subsequent re-runs of check for changes did not see any changes.

Guess what...
The time on the build server was 4 minutes out from the clearcase server. So.. for 4 minutes out of every 10, my changes would not be seen. When the first cleartool command was run, the clearcase server tim was actually 13:16 so the file had not been checked in yet. I've update the time on the server and it's working the finest now. Will set it up to use a time server of something when I get a chance.

Hope this might be useful to all you clearcase heads.



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