AccuRev plugin doesn't properly create symbolic links

I have a workspace with lots of files in it, and recently I created a few symlinks to some of those file using the "accurev ln -s" command.  When the AccuRev plugin tries to update its working directories and create those files, it creates empty, 0-byte files instead of symbolic links.

I've attached the relevant section from my catalina.out log file.  I've scrubbed some names from it, but it should still be usable.  At a glance, my guess is that it's using the "accurev cat" file to return the contents of each file in the update, which fails for symbolic links, and thus it just creates an empty file.

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For what it's worth, it looks like it also doesn't properly create hard links.  I created a hard link to another file in my workspace; when TeamCity initially updated its work area, it downloaded and made a copy of that file in place rather than creating an actual hard link.  When I updated the original file, TeamCity got the update for the original file but did not update the "link" file.


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