Filtering user change events

Is there a way to determine what triggered a user change event?  For instance, I would like to be able to only do something when a specific change is made to a user and ignore all other changes.  I can't seem to find anything exposed that would allow me to do something like that.  The code below is a sample of what I have with a TODO of what I am wanting to add.

public class MyListener implements UserModelListener {     private final SBuildServer myBuildServer;     public MyListener(SBuildServer sBuildServer) {         myBuildServer = sBuildServer;     }     public void register(){         myBuildServer.getUserModel().addListener(this);     }     public void userAccountCreated(@NotNull User user) {
        // do nothing
    }     public void userAccountChanged(User user) {"User " + user.getName() + " changed.");
        // TODO: only do something if the e-mail address changed.     }     public void userAccountRemoved(User user) {         // do nothing     } }


Unfortunately no. As a workaround, upon plugin initialization you can remember names for all of the users and when userAccountChanges event occurs compare old name and new one.


Bummer, I figured that was the case.  Ok thanks for confirming this.  

Do you mind if I add a feature request for this in YouTrack?  It isn't something I really need but it would be nice to have more information about the user changes that are occurring in the events.


Feel free to submit feature request. I find this feature useful too.


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