Unable to get the autoincrementer plugin working

I have installed the autoincrementer plugin as it is described on the webpage.
I modified the Build number format:  to %autoinc.somevalue% ,  run the buildbut the build number doesn't get populated. It becomes %autoinc.somevalue%.
I have tried different combinations and adding the variable to the properties file and still couldn't get it to work. (ps:  on the website the prop. file is said to be autoinc.properties but it actually is autoincrementer.properties)

Any ideas greatly appreciated

I am using TC 4.5.4

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This plugin supports TeamCity 5.0 and higher. It uses some new API and will not work (without modification) with 4.5.

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can you tell me what modification, maybe I can tweak it

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This may not be easy because plugin uses new API which is not available in 4.5.
In 4.5 if you specify reference to unknown parameter (%autoinc.param%) build won't start because this parameter will be converted to so called implicit requirement (i.e. it should be defined somewhere). In 5.0 a special extension can be written which will provide such parameters.

Also %autoinc.param% is a reference to configuration parameter, but this type of parameters is not supported by 4.5 too (configuration parameters are not passed to a build).

Probably, plugin can be tweaked to work in 4.5, for example, instead of %autoinc.param% users can specify %system.autoinc.param% and add build parameter with some rudimentary value in configuration settings. Then plugin can provide correct values for such properties in fixRunBuildParameters method. Source code of the plugin is available, and you can obtain it from the Subversion repository: http://svn.jetbrains.org/teamcity/plugins/autoincrementer/trunk/


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