Building Team City Plugin with Maven

  Did any body build the team city plugin with Maven. Any Examples/pointers on a how pom.xml will look like  will be really helpful..

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Hello Karanam,

We have a Maven build configuration for one of our TeamCity plugins, however it's kind of experimental, since TeamCity API the plugin depends on isn't automatically published as Maven artifacts, since it isn't built with Maven. When the Maven build configuration was being created I manually deployed all the dependency jars into our local repository, and have never updated since then. Hopefully the plugin sources are still compiling well, but we use another configuration (IPR) for producing jars for plugin installation packaging.

If you want to build your plugin with maven, you will have to manually install TeamCity API jars as maven artifacts, manually update them and manually manage their transitive dependencies.

We're planning to implement an ability to deploy any non-maven-built jar/file as a maven artifact with transitive dependencies. With this building a plugin for TeamCity with Maven will be much easier.

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Thanks for the reply..

You said  

  "We have a Maven build configuration for one of our TeamCity plugins"

Can you tell me which plugin has Maven build Configuration...


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This is XML Report plugin.

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