Possible to create clearcase build that does not use cleartool lshistory?

Is it possible to create a clearcase build that does not use cleartool lshistory? It looks like my current codebase in clearcase is too large for cleartool lshistory -recurse to work in a reasonable time.

Could the build be something like:-
Update the view:-
Show the changes as part of the update.
Run the build from the sources in the updated view (or from these sources copied to some cache somewhere).

If anyone has any ides on this I'd appreciate it as I'm having big problems with this at the moment. It's make or break time for Teamcity on our site.




You can select "Clean all files before build" option on the build configuration VCS settings page. Then "lshistory" command will not be used for building.


Sorry, this option can't remove usages of "lshistory" on collecting changes (it removes them only on building a patch), so it will not really help.

Seems that in some cases "-all" key is better for "lshistory" command and in some other cases "-recurse" key is better. But in what cases exactly?

I created an issue: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-12390 for investigating this problem.

So if you have any ideas on how to detect the key that should be used in each case, please write it there.

Now I plan to make a patch for making it available to choose this key manually via the TeamCity property.


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