Recognize compilation errors in the build log from a command line runner


We are developing a cross-platform application in C and C++, and use CMake to generate NMake makefiles for Windows and Make makefiles for Unix. We have set up a TeamCity build server that builds the application on all the platforms. Since the only way to tell what went wrong when a build fails is to manually inspect the build log, what we would like to do next is to develop a TeamCity plugin that processes the build log and recognizes the compilation errors. If possible, we would also like the plugin to recognize compiler warnings, and create statistics based on the number of warnings in a build.

How would we go ahead to make such a plugin?

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It might be worth mentioning that we are using command line runners to run the builds.

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Sorry for the delay in replying.
We overlooked the thread initially.

The general information on plugins is available at
Most probably you will need to implement AgentLifeCycleAdapter.messageLogged on agent and then log an error message into the build log.

Unfortunately, there is not enough good samples on agent-side plugins (but you might still look through some examples available from the page). Please feel free to ask any specific questions that you might have.


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