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I need to set up nice deployment process on TeamCity.
For now I have configured special deployment builds per target server and per project build which dependency artifact is normal build. When I want to deploy I click Run on it and it works. My project looks like this now:
Post Submit
Deploy Nightly on Tomcat (server1)
Deploy PostSubmit on Tomcat (server1)
Deploy Nightly on Tomcat (server2)
Deploy PostSubmit on Tomcat (server2)
As You see this looks ugly and I need to set up deployment separately on Nightly and PostSubmit. Actually they are deploying to the same location.

I would like to have a simple button on every successful build "Deploy" and after then choose where to deploy. As I understand I need to develop plugin which calls another prepared deployment build, gives it artifacts from source build, overrides properties such as target server name, starts build. I don`t know where to start... Help!

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  Did you probably think about a possibility to create 2 parameterizable  build configuration:  Deploy Nightly on Tomcat and Deploy PostSubmit on Tomcat.
  Both of these would have a 'target.server' parameter, which you could set in the Run dialog when ivoking "Run" action from UI.
  These configurations will take a latest successful artifacts from source builds.

  All this can be done without writing a plugin, though it is not exactly what you describe.


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Yes, this is a bit closer to what I need, but I did`t found how to configure run dialog. build just starts runing when I press run. However, I need a listbox with existing server names what seems impossible too.
Anyway, having two deployment-builds which does the same, but only from different builds (but they have the same artifacts) is wrong and hard to understand. Also the information about last deployed version on server is out of date when I start deployment on other build.

Much more help needed

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Sorry for delay, we've overlooked your question. But is it still actual?

Kind regards,


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