Clearcase, Version 1 of file. Anyone had issues with version 1 not being recorded as a change?

Hi All,
I've had issues with the clearcase plugin not noticing version 1 updates as a change? Subsequent versions do get recorded as a change. Has anyone else seen this. I'm running the 5.0 EAP. A colleague of mine running a seperate instance of Teamcity against a different codebase has also noticed this. I've attached the log.

I've raised a bug for it:-


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Can you please provide me full server debug logs and your VCS settings?

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Hi Maxim,
VCS settings are as follows:-
Version control settings
VCS checkout mode: Automatically on server
Checkout directory: default
Clean all files before build: ON
VCS labeling: disabled

Attached VCS roots:
Name     Checkout rules   Set label
D7 New   not specified    NO

Here are the details for the 'D7 New' VCS root:-
VCS root name:                   D7 New
Type of VCS:                     ClearCase
ClearCase view path:             d:\clearcase\username_D7New
Relative path within the view:   VF_IE_PROD\src\ASP-CEP-NET\MiddleTier\Offering engine  
Use ClearCase:                   BASE  
Global labeling:                 Not Ticked
Global labels VOB:               Blank
Checking interval:               use global server setting (600 seconds)  
Make this VCS root available to all of the projects:

                                 Not Ticked

Exactly which server log do you need? I'll can mail that to you if you need it rather than posting it here.



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