Build Runner that runs one process and then another

Is there a better way to put together a build runner that will run one process and then another process (in the same runner) as part of the run than implementing AgentBuildRunner and creating and running the processes myself?  I couldn't see any other way to do this but was thinking I may be missing something.  Also, are there any open source examples of a build runner that is doing something similar (running more than one process sequentially in a single agent run)?

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Hello Seth,

The feature to support multiple runners is  of  high priority and is very likely to be implemented in the next major version of TeamCity and available in next EAP (feel free to watch/vote:

Meanwhile you could use ant or command line runner and modify your build script to do that inside.

Kind regards,

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Sorry for the delayed reply.

I was actually asking more for the plugin API side (currently I am already using the commandline runner and running both processes in a script but wanted to streamline it into a plugin) but actually looking at that feature I think it will work great for me to create a new runner plugin for each process and use the multiple runners functionality to run them together.  This is actually a really cool looking feature.  Thanks.


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