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Hi all,

I've just downloaded TC6 and it's great! Keep up the good work!

I've  also just got TC6 working with CppUnit thanks to the Test Reporting  plugin here:  http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TW/Cpp+Unit+Test+Reporting

I'd  like to know if it would be possible to extend this plugin (or create a  new one) to include support for TestCocoon (a C++ Code Coverage tool).  TestCocoon already provides sample code that connects up to the CppUnit  TestListener class  (http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TW/Cpp+Unit+Test+Reporting)  that would easily work with the CppUnit Test Reporting plugin. The only  thing I'm missing is how to report the code coverage metrics back to TC6  - would I use system messages or XML import? The only system messages I  can find are for .Net Code Coverage.

I'm _more_ than  happy to write the plugin... I just need a quick pointer in the right  direction as to how to get the metrics back into TC6.

Thanks in advance.


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The recommended way to integrate with TeamCity from a build process is to use service messages (and cppUnit code does that).

There are covergae-specific service messages for the supported coverage engines.
For unsupported ones, you can probably:
1. report values as statistics values into TeamCity. You can probably use predefined coverage-related names so that they are processed as reported by supported coverage engines. If you use your own statisticvs value names, you will also need to configure statistics charts in TeamCity.
2. publish archive with details coverage report as build's artifact
3. ensure the report is displayed as custom report tab. Standard coverage reports use the same approach.

Do you plan to make your integration available for other TeamCity users?


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