AccuRev VCS plugin is support for traditional login possible?


I am looking at TeamCity to replace our existing in-house build server and we use AccuRev for SCM.

Our AccuRev server is configured to use the traditional login scheme and swithcing to AccuRev login user-authentication scheme is not possible; a number of different teams in my studio use the same AccuRev server and I believe switching the login scheme would break their existing builds that rely upon the current behaviour.

I was wondering if anyone knew what would be required to support the traditional method?

I would be running the TeamCity server under Windows and my understanding of AccuRev's traditional login method is it uses the Windows NT account for the AccuRev username. I am thinking:

1. For the TeamCity Web Server service change the Log On account from Local System to an NT account that is in the AccuRev user registry. Or do not run TeamCity via a Windows service instead use the script <TeamCity home>\bin\runAll.bat and keep the user logged into the server
2. Looking at the plugin source accurev-common\src\jetbrains\buildServer\buildTriggers\vcs\accurev\command\ would editing the functions:
   a. Login() to remove the call to login(userName, password) and replace with a call that performs accurev setlocalpasswd. I am not sure what the return string would have to be now.
   b. Logout() to remove accurev logout

I am trying to get a feel if what I want to achieve is possible? Or is trying to support the traditional method a non-starter?


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Hi Matt

That's what I found in TW-6760 comments:

please check that your accurev server is using the "AccuRev Login" user-authentication scheme. The traditional method unfortunately does not work with the plugin.


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