Starting a build - no response with Build identifier...

I'm writing a script to interact with TC remotely for our Release Management process - but i cannot get a handle to the build that i started.

i am starting builds by GETting this:
        .name=<property name1>&system.value=<value1>&<property name2>&system
        .value=<value2>&<environment variable name1>&env.value=<environment variable
           value1>&<environment variable name2>&env.value=<environment variable value2

i was planning to poll to see when it was done, but add2Queue does not respond with a handle to the build. (the buildid)  

how do i do this?   is this possible?  also, is it possible to auto-tag the build?  or do i need the build itself to call TC rest to add a tag to itself?

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Unfortunately, getting ID of the triggered build is not possible currently.

See the corresponding feature request.

Currently, you can try to add a propety to the build you start and then list all the builds one by one to find the build with the necessary property. (yes, this looks way too complex and the mentioned issue is a proper solution)


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