Customizing Test Results Page


I've recently started using TeamCity for my CI needs, and I have been very impressed by it so far.  Currently, I have RSpec tests being run against my build.  I can see an overview of all test results and view detailed information (stacktrace) about individual tests that have failed.  I would like to add a hyperlink to some additional information on each individual test's summary page for those that have failed.  I would prefer not to add a custom tab, but rather modify the existing deatiled test information generated.  I've been reading about extending pages and modifying the UI using plugins, but I wanted to get someone's advice on how to best go about accomplishing my goal.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hello Sean,

  I'm sorry for delay with the answer.
  To provide custom formatting of the test output, you should provide an implementation of the FailedTestOutputFormatter interface.

  Hope, this helps,

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Thanks!  I ended up being able to do what I needed from there.


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