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Dear community and Jetbrain,
We are trying to use Teamcity for our Visual Studio development.
However VS-Addin seems to be missing.

In an ideal world, we could be able to download the missing plugins. However our work environment is isolated from the net.
Also I could not find any place to plugin files such as VS-Addin.

Is there a workaround to download plugins seperately and unzip them.
Or is it possible to put these core plugins to web page.

Best Wishes

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Hi Mustafa

Visual Studio addin is bundled with TeamCity web server, you can download it right from your local TeamCity instance.
Look at links on My settings and Tools page:

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Thanks for the answer, I think you missed my point

Yes but I can not run the tool on my internet machine, I need to run TC then connect the net. I can only run it on a machine which is behind the internet.
There are some workarounds but
I download 316MB setup still it does not include any offline help.

This CI tools is unnecassarily hard to get used (vs Hudson).

I would love to find a useful tutorial or walkthrough
honestly a web page like this :
with full of textis not very useful.

We set tup the tool, entered the web page, then the rest is not very clear.

Lack of plugins, not many tutorials (if are there any they are not obvious from the documentation page) has a number of plugins but these are not really useful plugins.

Working with a database
I found some documentations to run TC on a MSSQL Database.
Well it did not go well at all.
As a reference Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems has a SQL script which enables to tool used from web in few minutes.

Compared to other tools
I see lots of people promote team city but as a cruise control and hudson user Team City is not easy to use.
Hudson has a nice community and tons of working and accesible plugins. Easy to setup.

Dear Jetbrains, I heard lots of positive stuff about the tool but I am frustrated how much time I have wasted.


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